Create a Manual Metrics

Step 1: Click the + Add Metrics button.

Step 2: Click on Create a
Manual Metrics.

Step 3: Give Name Metrics a meaningful name.

Step 4: Next Select "Everyone in My Company" in this drop-down menu. This will ensure everyone in your company can use this metrics. You can select "Just Myself" if you want the metrics just for yourself.

Step 5: Click the + Add Values button to define the rules of the Metrics.

Step 6: Enter All the possible and their Corresponding colours into the Metrics

Step 7: After inputing all values select a default. This is very important otherwise metrics won't be created properly.

Step 8: Click the Save button and then Create button

Step 9: Click on Add to Customer Board to apply this metrics to customers

Step 10: Head Over to any Customer Account to see the metrics in effect.

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